Critical Analysis of an Adventure Path

My plan is to start up a campaign running the first Pathfinder Adventure Path, Rise of the Runelords, using the Pathfinder RPG Beta rules. The Beta rules are due in August, so I have started making game notes and re-reading through the adventures. At the same time, I discovered Todd Alcott's blog, "What Does the Protagonist Want?", where he analyzes film and breaks down act structures and character motivations. The result is a desire to experiment and see if I can gain a better understanding of the adventures that make up the campaign if I examine them with a critical eye towards their story and structure, and see if this provides insights into how better to run them for my players.

Naturally, this is going to mean SPOILERS and more SPOILERS and even more SPOILERS. I will include the following disclaimer at the start of any post dealing with these adventures, to give warning to folks who are planning to play to stay away.

WARNING: The following discusses details of the plot, characters, encounters and events of the adventure. Do not read further if you intend to play as a PC in these adventures.

First up will be an examination of Pathfinder #1, the adventure "Burnt Offerings".

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