Dark Heresy - Campaign Continues

Time for another update... things have been messed up since I've been staying away from the computer the last month or so.

Dark Heresy continues.  The group, with folks popping in and out, finished up Illumination (the intro scenario in the core rulebook).  Some spoilers follow...

Illumination was pretty good as an intro scenario, I found.  My players were very suspicious of Aristarchus, particularly after arriving in Stern Hope.  What played out perfectly, though, was how they never suspect Abbot Skae, and in fact were hoping the Abbot would be able to help them.  Thus, the appearance of the Skae-thing at the end was a shock and surprise to the party.

The Arbirtrator Havelock made a fortunate call to target the Skae-thing's eyes, managing to blow one out on a really lucky roll.  Seeing that, the Cleric Nihlus stepped up and got in a point-blank shot into the Skae-thing's other eye (and another lucky roll), and just like that the daemonhost was defeated.

My players really liked the way I described the setting and the NPCs seemed fairly memorable.  Myself, I like that the starting scenario had a bit of combat, a bit of mystery, and wasn't too hard to figure out but still had some surprises.

We picked up tonight starting the next scenario.  I've decided to continue things with Purge the Unclean and the the first adventure in that book (Rejoice for you are True).  I know this is much more of a railroad, so I'm going to try and work hard to let the player's have more agency.

For example, they want the data slate before the party, so I'm going to look into having the encounter with Orday take place earlier.  Just need to see what impact that'll have on the later events - for the most part, I don't think it'll impact things too much, aside from possibly having the PCs injured before the party.

Anyway, it's pretty nice to be playing again and I really enjoy the mix of grim dark and humor that comes with the 40K world.

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